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Sonny Angel Mini Figure - Gifts of Love

The Gifts of Love series is a message of “I love you!” from Sonny Angel and represents his daily gratitude and affection. The glossy texture shines like a box of sweet chocolates and will make you feel loved. This series is perfect as a Valentine’s Day gift for the special ones in your life.

Sonny Angel fans already know how cute these collectible figures can be, and we've got a fantastic selection to choose from! The figures come blind boxed, with 8 possible designs (6 standard plus 1 secret and 1 Robby). Figures measure approximately 4" tall and each comes in a cute, hexagon shaped box.

The Gifts of Love Series features Balloon, Rose, Cuddly Bear, Chocolates, Love, and You (plus the possibility of 4 different secret designs + Robby Angel!).

Note that this item will not fit into the flat rate envelope. Additional shipping charges may apply. Please contact us prior to ordering if you have any questions.