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Tulip Hiroshima Needles - Gift Set


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From Tulip Japan comes the beautiful Hiroshima series of pins and needles. With specially engineered, highly polished and sharpened shafts, these are the best you'll find. In usual Japanese style, each type of pin or needle is packaged beautifully in a small vial and then in a box, and then these are all packaged in another, beautiful box! The gift box includes the following best-selling items: Patchwork pins (60 pieces), Assorted Sharp Tip Embroidery Needles (8 needles), Big Eye Applique Needles #10 (6 needles), Between Quilting Needles #10 (6 needles), Straw Assorted Milliners Needles (6 needles), and Sharp Sewing Needles #9 (8 pieces). This truly makes a spectacular gift! Please note that this item cannot be shipped in the flat rate envelope; additional shipping charges may apply. Please contact us if you'd like a shipping estimate prior to ordering.