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Cosmo Seasons 6-Strand Variegated Cotton Embroidery Floss

Both experienced and novice stitchers are raving about the incredible quality of Cosmo embroidery floss. The Seasons line is comprised of a stunning collection of variegated colors inspired by nature. This floss is made from top quality Egyptian cotton. The quality of the staple cotton ensures that it glides beautifully through your fabric without tangling - even when using longer strands!

Seasons variegated floss comes in 3 styles of gradation:

  • 5000 series - color changes color every 8cm; well balanced colorway with gradation in similar color ranges and multi-colored variations makes itself versatile for a wide variety of projects
  • 8000 series - gentle gradation over 30cm; ideal for full-scale embroidery and large patterns and a wide range of pink and green colors that are often selected for seasonal sceneries
  • 9000 series - alternates between a longer area of a color followed by a shorter area of a color; color-change with random pitches produces dynamic gradation in small motifs, and the eye-catching vivid colorways are also suited for one-point stitching
Each skein includes 8 meters of 6 strand, 100% cotton floss.

To order, place the desired quantity of skeins into your cart, then include the color number(s) from the color chart in the comments box below the quantity.

Need help matching a particular superbuzzy fabric? Let us know, and we'll be happy to make a recommendation!

Want to make the switch and use Cosmo in lieu of another brand? (We don't blame you!) Here's a DMC to Cosmo color conversion chart!

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