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Mitsubishi Pencils - Recycled 9800EW

Mitsubishi 9800EW pairs the classic, high-quality graphite core from Mitsubishi 9800 with a body made from eco-friendly recycled wood. Minimally processed and finished, the 9800EW allows the natural beauty of its materials to shine through. The Mitsubishi name, model number, and product information are engraved in green, adding an understated accent to this well-designed pencil.

The graphite core in Mitsubishi 9800EW is smooth and dark, and like other Mitsubishi pencils, you'll notice it runs a bit softer than other pencils of the same class and grade. Nevertheless, it retains its point well (particularly in the HB grade) and doesn't need frequent sharpening. Recommended for general writing and drawing.

Box includes twelve unsharpened pencils.

Made in Japan.

About Mitsubishi Pencil Co., Ltd.

Founded in the 19th century in Tokyo, Mitsubishi Pencil has been one of the world's leading pen and pencil manufacturers for generations. Well-known around the world for their Uni brand of pens and pencils, Mitsubishi continues to innovate and release new products, like POSCA paint markers and an ever-expanding lineup of writing pens.

Fun fact: "Mitsubishi" means "three diamonds," and the name and three-diamond mark of Mitsubishi Pencil predates the better-known Mitsubishi Group by ten years. Despite sharing the same name and symbol, Mitsubishi Pencil is not related to any of the numerous other Mitsubishi companies in Japan.