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Making - Issue 37


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This August, discover 25 nostalgic makes in our Vintage Holiday issue.

This summer, bring back the chic vintage style of hazy holidays past with our collection of handmade projects for you and your home. First things firs it's time to get making your all-important holiday outfit with our gorgeous circle skirt, reminiscent of Audrey Hepburn’s classic on screen style. Team it with your own handmade accessories, including a vintage silk scarf belt and simple stamp pendant; all you need to add is a crisp white shirt and you’ll be the epitome of effortless 1950s glamour.

Picnics are a summer holiday essential, but finding the perfect set can be time consuming and costly, so why not make your own instead? We’ll show you how with our fabulously kitsch picnic set, including a charming upcycled wicker basket, napkins and easy carry reversible blanket. And don’t forget to pack a retro fruit flan for a tasty al fresco treat! Revive the gentle art of letter writing with our leather writing case, and post a ray of sunshine to someone you left behind.

And finally, when you arrive back home find out how to make your very own holiday souvenirs with our framed beacomber finds and a pretty coin charm bracelet. Whilst you’re sat on the beach (or sheltering indoors from the inevitable British summer weather) relax and read our articles on the vintage-inspired designs of Sarah Moore, and get planning your next trip with our special four-page feature on the best UK holiday destinations to stimulate the senses and inspire your creativity.

Plus don’t miss out on 6 extra projects to transform your garden in our Outdoor Living supplement.