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BioSmart Fabric - Black

BioSmart is a patented, bleach-activated technology that is engineered into the fabric that binds chlorine from your washer to the surface of the fabric. The chlorine then stops the growth and spread of bacteria. By using EPA-registered chlorine bleach, not “color-safe” bleach, this technology will kill 99.9% of common viruses and bacteria. Rather than having chemicals that wash out, every time you wash the fabric using bleach it reinforces the power of the antimicrobial qualities. The fabric also has a treatment that is a deterrent to fading so colors should stay crisp. BioSmart technology is durable to in excess of 75 industrial wash cycles.

This is a solid woven cotton fabric.

  • Collection: BioSmart
  • Fiber Content: 80% cotton, 20% polyester
  • Weight: quilting weight
  • Width: 62" (157cm)
  • Colors: black
  • Opacity: semi-opaque
  • Texture & Weave: a simple weave with smooth, even texture
  • Drape: crisp body
  • Keywords: antimicrobial, mask, solid
  • Recommended For: masks, medical garments, antimicrobial protection
  • Manufactured In: USA
  • Care Instructions: For home laundering, the initial charge procedure and the recharge (maintenance) procedure for BioSmart are the same, except that detergent is not required in the initial charge wash. In each case, EPA-registered chlorine bleach must be used.
    • All EPA-registered bleach products have instructions for laundry sanitization on the label. Most of them indicate that the proper concentration is 1/2 cup per standard home washing machine load. Some of the bleach products may vary in concentration and recommend a different level, so please check the label of the bleach that you are using. Do not use color-safe bleach.
    • Use a regular laundry cycle and be sure to include the rinse step. Failure to rinse the fabric can result in local concentrations of chlorine bleach that may cause irritation to sensitive individuals. After the rinse, you may not be able to smell a bleach odor, but the chlorine bleach is still bound to the fabric.
    • Detergent is not required for the initial charge but should be used for all maintenance washes along with the EPA-registered chlorine bleach.
    • The fabric can be dried in any manner (tumble drier, line dry, etc.) without affecting the performance.
    • BioSmart is engineered to recharge when laundered with an EPA-registered chlorine bleach.  

Price per yard. Minimum purchase is 0.5 yard, and it is sold in 1/4 yard increments thereafter.