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Corinne Sovey Design Studio - Hocus Pocus

The Hocus Pocus Printed Pattern is a 20 page letter sized booklet printed in full color. It comes in a plastic hanging sleeve with one set of the required templates provided on loose leaf paper inserted into the hanging sleeve. The following templates are provided on folded 11" x 17" paper: Witch Hat, Binx Face, Broom, Bat, Star, and Eyeball. The templates for the Witch Boots are provided on letter sized paper and one set of two are included so you can make both boots without photocopying (I still recommend photocopying so you keep the master template on file in case you make a mistake or want to make another). Two coloring pages are also provided on loose leaf letter sized paper (one is labeled for the yardage requirement numbers, the other is not labeled for scrappy quilts).

Finished size: 60 1/2" x 72 1/2"

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