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Art East Quilting Co. - Onesies Funsies!

Onesies Funsies Quilt Pattern features little humans dressed in fun animal onesies, and it couldn't be any cuter! Whether you choose a bear, bunny, cat, bird, puppy or frog, there is a onesie that is sure to fit any personality!

Directions include ways you can alter these blocks to create even more animal options just by changing the way you lay out your fabric. Create additional animals such as tigers, otters, penguins, t-rexes,'s time to have funsies!

  • The BEAR BLOCK can easily become a panda, a grizzly, a brown bear, a black bear, a polar bear, a Care Bear, Fozzie Bear, or Winnie the Pooh!
  • The BUNNY BLOCK can transform into a chocolate bunny, an Arctic hare, the Energizer Bunny, Bugs, Buster, Rabbit, Thumper, or even a gopher or an otter!
  • The CAT BLOCK can easily become a tiger, a black cat, a Siamese cat, Sylvester, the Cheshire Cat, Garfield, Scratchy, Stimpy, or you can customize it to match your own kitty!
  • The BIRD BLOCK can transform into a bald eagle, a penguin, a blue jay, a parrot, a crow, a snowy owl, a robin, a pigeon, or a blue bird!
  • The PUPPY BLOCK can transform into a lamb, a lab, Snoopy, Pluto, Clifford, Odie, or make it match your own dog!
  • The FROG BLOCK can transform into a crocodile, a Komodo dragon, a lizard, a salamander, a dinosaur, Barney, or a T-Rex dinosaur!
This pattern may be used to create a 40" x 43" quilt or other projects using individual 11" x 18.5" blocks. This quilt is traditionally pieced. This quilt is also a great scrap-buster project!

This booklet is 20 pages, printed in full-color, and saddle stitched with a rigid gloss cover.

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