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I'm a single (widowed) mother of a beautiful little girl and sneak quilting in whenever possible. I've always been creative and began oil painting and watercolors at age 9. I continued to paint as an adult but never liked the clean up, especially cleaning my brushes, so I basically gave it up. I was starved for a creative outlet when my friend suggested we make quilts.

I  began seriously quilting in the summer of 2011 and finished my first quilt in November 2011. I loved it instantly. My only "training" was two semesters of home ec. in junior high and a brief quilting club in college, so I hit the web looking for tutorials on how to make a quilt. I worked through the piecing and sandwiching then began hand quilting. I had no idea that  you could use a sewing machine to quilt so I hand quilted my first quilt, queen size. That was the last time I hand quilted an entire quilt. I now finish almost all my quilts on my longarm.

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