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Melissa Mortenson - Letter Board Quilt

The Letter Board Quilt is a fun quilt to express whatever is on your mind. It makes a great gift!

A few personalization suggestions:

-Child's Name

-Baby of Mine

-No Bad Days

-I Love You

The possibilities are endless.

About the Pattern:

Includes applique patterns for the ENTIRE Alphabet so you can spell out whatever you'd like on your quilt! 

The quilt is designed with 6 rows of 6 letters each.

The letters are raw-edge appliqued and the clamshells are made by stitching a print clamshell piece with a lining clamshell piece and turning right side out, then machine appliqued. There are no raw edges on the clamshells. 

The quilt is precut friendly and can be made only from 10" stackers!  

Note: if the quilt is made from all 10" precut stacks, you won't have enough of the same print of fabric for the clamshells at the bottom. You'll need to make a scrappy bottom border quilt. 

About the Quilt:

Letters measure approx: 8 1/4" tall. 

Quilt is: 58" x 76"


White Fabric: 74 10" x 10" white squares, or 2 10" stackers (layer cakes) - OR 5 1/2 yards of fabric.  

Clamshell Fabric: 26 10" x 10" squares OR 3/4 to 1 yard of each of the 4 colors on the bottom of the quilt (exact measurements and yardage are included on the pattern).

Letter Fabric: It depends on what words you want on your quilt. You can fit one letter on one 10" x 10" square of fabric, or you can fit 2 letters on one Fat Quarter.

Additional notions and fabrics as listed on the pattern.

Note: you will need to trace a template for the clamshells. 

Skill Level: 

Advanced Beginner to Intermediate