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Color Continuum No. 03


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In quilts, as in life, few things are more important than color. Color evokes a mood, color sets a contrast, color is the spark that can make the everyday — extraordinary. Color Continuum is an exploration of how different approaches to creating a unique palette for a quilt can imbue it with emotion or suggest anything from an everyday scene to a classic painting.

No. 03 emilychromatic is the most personal entry in the series. If a quilt is able to tell a story, evoke a mood, or start a conversation, it’s because it’s the product of the care its creator has put into it: the craft, creativity, artistry, and even whimsy. This is no less the case when a quilt is a collaboration between designer, sewer, quilter, and even fabric manufacturer.

As color is one of the more emotional aspects of any visual art, emilychromatic takes the series in a new, less abstract direction: where no. 1 monochromatic explored minimal color palettes and no. 2 polychromatic roamed the entire spectrum, no. 3 emilychromatic is grounded in Emily’s own favorite colors.

Project measurements:

  • Chi: 63” x 81”
  • Gloaming: 69” x 72”
  • Bauble: 70” x 81”
  • Nexus: 70” x 70”
  • Fracture: 68” x 82”