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Carolina Patchworks - Color Continuum No. 1: Monochromatic


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In quilts, as in life, few things are more important than color. Color evokes a mood, color sets a style, color is the spark that can make the everyday - extraordinary. Color Continuum is an exploration of how different approaches to creating a unique palette for a quilt can imbue it with emotion or suggest anything from an everyday scene to a classic painting.

In no 1. monochromatic, choose between five modern, geometric patterns which can each take a single central hue and build a rich story using subtle shades and bold shapes. Whether you’re trying to coordinate with an existing color scheme or capture a particular atmosphere, the purity of a monochromatic approach can produce surprisingly lush results.

These designs, inspired by elements of everyday life, each feature full-color illustrations, full-sized templates, and detailed step-by-step instructions. Give it a try, and brighten your day - with a single color.