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Karina Hittle, founder of the design studio Artful Offerings, is an award winning artist, pattern designer and author. Her work is increasingly recognized by the stitching, sewing, quilting and crafting communities, and by the editors of the industry's top publications.

Karina along with her husband Audie, own and run Artful Offerings.  Married for over 4o years they enjoy working together to bring the best possible product to customers. Karina creates all of the designs as well stitching and sewing all original models/samples.  Audie supports the business operations of the company as well as doing all of the photography. Together they work adding content and updates to the website. 

Karina has always loved art. Her first recollection of being obsessed with art was in Kindergarten, where on a daily basis she would negotiate with Miss Skinner for more easel time in the art area! Over the years she has enjoyed all forms of art... everything from coloring, drawing and painting to ceramics and rubber stamping. In the needle arts category, her interests lie in sewing, quilting, punch needle, cross stitching, knitting and crocheting. Karina has combined all of her artistic interests into the founding of Artful Offerings™ . She chose the name because she wanted to offer stitching, sewing and quilting patterns that integrate all the facets of art that she enjoys. Her goal is to create an artful experience for her customers, which evokes an element of excitement and surprise, from the moment they first see her patterns thru the entire creative process!

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