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Wefty Needle

The only needle specially designed for weaving fabric strips and bias tape, invented by a weaver. 

The WEFTY fabric weaving needle is 5.5" long and comes in a set of two. One is 1" wide for use with 1" fabric strips, and the other is 1/2" wide for use with 1/2" fabric strips.*

The WEFTY has a tab at the end for looping the end of the strip (much like the eye of a needle), securing it in place as you weave. It's flat construction ensures that the WEFTY will glide through your project without disturbing the design - all while holding and pulling the fabric strip tucked neatly behind it. The grooves on the top allow you to choose how to move it through your project: you may grip the WEFTY by the sides, or push it from the top using just your finger.

Made of plastic.

*When prepping fabric strips to weave, I fold the sides into the middle and press. This is how I come up with the dimensions of the fabric-to-needle fit.

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