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Ruler: EZMiter Block

With the EZ Miter you

  • Use less fabric to get a mitered finish
  • Highlight your favorite charm pack
  • Choose whether or not to use batting
  • Finish with hand applique or decorative machine stitches
  • Make 5.5 inch finished raw edge block or 5 inch finished hemmed block

The EZ Miter comes with

  • Instructions and fussy cutting guides
  • A heavy gauge acrylic template
  • Ruler Grips (available only on retail sales directly from WEFTY online. Not available on wholesale orders or third party retail)
  • EZ Baby paper pattern (available only on retail sales directly from WEFTY online while supplies last)

A note about ruler grips

The EZ Miter™ comes with free grips in the package for you to stick to the bottom of your template before cutting. Using ruler grips on all your acrylic templates AND rulers is a great way to keep your fingers safe from rotary cutters while improving accuracy. You may also choose to trace around the edges of templates using a marking pen and then cut out the shape with scissors...either method is aided by the use of grips, which help keep the template or ruler from slipping.