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Simply Moderne - No. 35

 Inside your Simply Moderne n°35 Winter 2023 issue:

  • Exhibition: 28th edition Euroean Patchwork Meeting
  • Exhibition: The 2023 Show of the New South Wales Quilt Guild
  • Portrait: Inmaculada Gabaldon Aguado
  • Portrait: Cecilia Koppmann

New detailed projects:

  • Starlight Tree Farm by Marcea Owen of Cotton Street Commons
  • Shattered Stars by Sarah Fulks of Snuggle Bug Stitching
  • Order Disorder by Pat Forster
  • Frosty by Karen Walker of Laugh Yourself Into Stitches
  • Double Decker by Marcea Owen of Cotton Street Commons
  • Diamonds Quilt by Rachel Craig of Rachelle Handmade
  • Christmas Blizzard by Jill Finley
  • Chineses lanterns by Jennifer Dick & Trisch price of Everyday Stitches
  • Argyle Chenille Quilt by Nannette Holmberg of Chenille-it Blooming Bias