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Kitchen Towel - To Quilt is Human

Anyone can start a quilt, but it takes someone special to finish it! Save your money... note card included can be used in lieu of purchasing a separate greeting card! 

This old fashioned flour sack towel is made of 100% cotton with a screen-printed design.

Dimensions: 28" x 28"

Silkscreen printed towel care:

  • Don’t dry clean screen-printed items. The chemicals in the dry cleaning process can cause spotting or staining.
  • Avoid bleach, especially chlorine bleach; the agents in bleach will discolor fabric threads and the dyes used in screen-printing.
  • Do not use fabric softener on screen-printed towels. Fabric softeners degrade the ink used in the silkscreen process and causes cracking and/or fading of the screen-printed areas.
  • If ironing the towel, use a cool dry iron, and iron the reverse side of the silkscreen, or cover the front side of the towel with two pieces of cloth to protect the design.
  • Do NOT use steam or water.