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Easy Origami for Kids

All the models in this book are easy to fold using ordinary paper. The colorful paper characters and objects are adorable, and offer kids a chance to have fun away from screens while honing their fine motor skills. The versatile models look great displayed on a desk or bookshelf, but can also be used for interactive play.

Kids will learn to fold the following colorful paper characters and objects:

  • Cute Animals, like a stripe-tailed Squirrel, a Cat with Kitten (both wearing Bow Ties!), and a Lion with a mane
  • Adorable insects, including a Ladybug, a Dragonfly, and a Honeybee
  • Tempting Snacks & Sweets, such as a Cupcake and Lollipops
  • Planes, Trucks, Cars, and a speedy Bullet Train
  • Friendly Flowers including Tulips and Carnations