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Essex Speckle Yarn Dyed - Aqua

The Essex Speckle collection preserves all the qualities of Essex that you love, and adds a bit of fun! Multi-colored pops of color are woven in as mini slubs in the lovely cotton/linen yarn dyed base cloth. The result is a fabric that shows that you are the fun-loving type!

It's no secret that the Essex line of fabrics is a superstar in stashes around the world. A perfect blend of linen and cotton, Essex is the best of both worlds. Linen gives the fabric an incredibly tactile texture and drape, while the cotton stabilizes the linen - making it much easier to sew with - and balances the linen's drape with nice body. As a result, Essex is that rare hybrid fabric that works well for garment patterns that require either body or drape.

This is a simple weave, yarn dyed cotton/linen/polyester blend fabric.

  • Fiber Content: 68% cotton, 31% linen, 1% polyester
  • Weight: medium (bottom) weight (5 oz per square yard)
  • Width: 43" (109cm)
  • Colors: blue
  • Opacity: opaque
  • Texture & Weave: a simple weave with subtle texture from the thick and thin linen yarns
  • Drape: crisp body and medium drape
  • Keywords: cross weave, blender, solid, garment sewing, yarn dye, speckle
  • Recommended For: patchwork, bags & pouches, tops, skirts, dresses
  • Manufactured In: China
  • Care Instructions: Always pre-wash for wearables in the same method you plan on laundering the completed garment. Fabric can be machine washed and dried. To best preserve color, wash in cold water and hang to dry. Use a warm to hot iron as needed to achieve desired results.

Price per yard. Minimum purchase is 0.5 yard, and it is sold in 1/4 yard increments thereafter.