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Glitter Mirror Canvas Vinyl - 12" x 54" Roll

?Glitter Mirror Canvas Vinyl is a full color glitter canvas with a very thin smooth layer of vinyl on top that gives you a nice solid, rich color. Glitter Mirror Canvas is great for use in machine applique, machine embroidery, and handbags. You are only limited by your imagination as to where you can use this and what you can create with it. The thin layer seals the glitter, protects it from flaking, and does not add extra bulk. The vinyl is 0.6mm thick. The fabric is very pliable, light, and is very easy to cut, especially in tight places.

This means you can use vinyl without having to sacrifice the sparkle! It is anti-mildew and abrasion-resistant. It can be machine washed in cold/warm water or hand washed and dried using with air dry, cool dry or hang to dry. Customers also report that they have washed and dried the fabric using regular settings on their washer and drier and have not had any issues in doing so. We recommend testing this with a small scrap or test project before laundering something that you are very attached to.

We recommend sewing this fabric with a denim needle and a teflon or walking foot.