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Nightshade {Déjà Vu} - Coven - Oleander

The Von Black sisters are back! Beware: Neptunia, Bella Donna, and Scarlet are ready to haunt!

This is a printed woven cotton fabric with a directional stripe repeat. Panel measures approximately 24" x WOF (width of fabric) and includes a total of 7 portraits. Orders for multiple panels will be cut continuously as inventory permits.

Please note: Per Tula Pink, this print was designed with the intention of cutting through the portrait frames. The layout of the print does not allow us to cut between motifs in the negative space, as there is a very small amount of overlap between one row and the next (approximately 3/8" total). However, we decided you would probably prefer that we clip a tiny bit of the picture frames instead of selling this design as yardage and slicing right through these lovely ladies' faces. We've decided to sell this print as a panel instead, knowing that we will be clipping a bit of the frames in doing so. If you want a 100% complete portrait with frame, we recommend ordering more than one panel; the portraits along each cut edge will be clipped a bit, but the ones in the middle will be complete.

  • Collection: Nightshade {Déjà Vu}
  • Designer: Tula Pink
  • Fiber Content: 100% cotton
  • Weight: quilting weight
  • Width: 44" (110cm)
  • Colors: purple, black, pink, blue, green, white
  • Opacity: semi-opaque
  • Texture & Weave: a simple weave with smooth, even texture
  • Drape: crisp body
  • Keywords: Halloween, spooky, gothic, goth, haunted, portrait, cameo, Von Black sisters, witch, witches, Neptunia, Bella Donna, Scarlet, pirate, skull, crossbones, crow, raven, panel
  • Projects: BewitchedFamily Magic, Gothic Splendor, Magic Aura, SkellyThe Still Room
  • Recommended For: patchwork, bag & pouches, tops, skirts, dresses
  • Manufactured In: Korea
  • Care Instructions: Always pre-wash for wearables in the same method you plan on laundering the completed garment. Fabric can be machine washed and dried. To best preserve color, wash in cold water and hang to dry. Use a warm to hot iron as needed to achieve desired results.

Price per panel. Orders for multiple panels will be cut continuously as inventory permits.