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The humming of the sewing machine, the repetitive motion of a needle passing through interwoven fibers, the joy of a fresh rotary blade, the gentle steam of a hot iron, the accomplishment of making something with our own hands, these are the things that bind us together. 

Sewing is our reward for the day. We get through our other chores as efficiently as possible in order to cut out just a little time to sew. We dedicate rooms to the craft, if not rooms then drawers and cupboards. We cover every surface with fabric, notions, and thread. We create guilds, communities, Instagram accounts, Facebook pages, Pinterest boards, and whole industries to express our passion for a single hobby.

HomeMade pays tribute to the thing that drives us to create with our hands. It is about that moment when someone asks you "where did you get that?" and you reply, "I made it!".
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