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Miscellaneous goods designer, a picture book writer. I am from Kumamoto. In the designer life more than 45 years. Miscellaneous goods, Shoes, Clothes, a picture book, various product design more than 15,000 points including the jewelry I send you out to home and abroad.

Disney, Pokemon, ultra monster, collaboration with the famous character including Astro Boy. As for a lot of military ration works. I made the brothers of the polar bear tossed about for the change of the global environment a character. I produce "sorabea", and the activity wins Minister of the Environment Prize in 2010.

So far more than 25 picture books from Kodansha, Gakken, Iwasaki Bookstore, KOKUYO, publication work. Release, several books of those translate it, and they are published. From 2014 exhibition "designer ~ of the Shinzi Katoh World - dreamland". But, I am going around it in art museums of the whole country.

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