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Jill Howarth

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Born in a sleepy little town in the hills of Pennsylvania, I always knew I wanted to be an artist. I got my first non-paying job, making drawings for my mom's 5th grade classroom bulletin boards, and yes, I also had her as a teacher! 

Upon graduating from Penn State University with a degree in graphic design, I entered the corporate design world. As a senior designer and then art director at Hasbro Toys, I occasionally embellished collateral and product packaging with fun little drawings. More requests for these illustrations came my way and before I knew it, I was doing more drawing and less layout design. And I liked it! 

After leaving corporate life to start a family, I began freelancing. Presently, I live just west of Boston, with my husband, three teenagers and a crazy, lazy dog (pray for me…). I have a passion for hand lettering, illustrating for the children's market and making patterns. As my pinterest will attest, I'm inspired by all things mid century, particularly children's books. I try to make every job fun with the hopes that my work will put a smile on your face!

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2 1/2" Roll - Kindred Spirits


FQ - Beauty & the Beast


Neverland - Darling Wall - Periwinkle


Neverland - Island - Mint


Neverland - Storybook - Blue


Way Up North - Day in Santa's Life - Mint


Way Up North - Houses - Grey


Way Up North - Stripe - Mint


Way Up North - Stripe - Red