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Heather Ross' 20th Anniversary - Snails - Peach

Composed of prints from Far Far Away, Briar Rose, Kinder, Tiger Lily, Mendocino, and Sleeping Porch, Heather Ross' 20th Anniversary Collection is an all-star group of Heather's favorite prints. Show-off snails are flexing their fancy shells.

This is a printed woven cotton fabric with a tossed repeat.

  • Collection: Heather Ross' 20th Anniversary
  • Designer: Heather Ross
  • Fiber Content: 100% cotton
  • Weight: quilting weight
  • Width: 44" (110cm)
  • Colors: orange, black, brown, yellow, red, blue, green, pink
  • Opacity: semi-opaque
  • Texture & Weave: a simple weave with smooth, even texture
  • Drape: crisp body
  • Keywords: snail, escargot, insect, bug, garden, shell
  • Recommended For: patchwork, bag & pouches, tops, skirts, dresses
  • Manufactured In: Korea
  • Care Instructions: Always pre-wash for wearables in the same method you plan on laundering the completed garment. Fabric can be machine washed and dried. To best preserve color, wash in cold water and hang to dry. Use a warm to hot iron as needed to achieve desired results.

Price per yard. Minimum purchase is 0.5 yard, and it is sold in 1/4 yard increments thereafter.

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