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Denyse Schmidt Quilts - Cog + Wheel


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Inspired by a quilt pattern from 1902, Cog + Wheel hurtles us back to the industrial age with a playfully bold graphic that rolls right on any size bed. Pattern includes: easy-to-use instructions, patterns, measurements, and quilting template to create your own Cog + Wheel quilt in baby, twin, queen, or king size, and the Cog + Wheel pillow sham.

Fabric Requirements:

Finished Size Cog Prints Background, Borders, Binding Back


44" X 50"

1/8 yd each of 17 fabrics 2-1/2 yds total (one color) 2-3/4 yds


66" X 88"

1/4 yd each of 17 fabrics 4-3/4 yds total (one color) 5-1/4 yds  


88" X 93"

1/4 yd each of 17 fabrics

6-3/4 yds total (one color) 7-1/2 yds


110" X 97"

3/8 yd each of 12 fabrics

8-1/2 yds total (one color) 8-1/4 yds