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Wonderful World of Amigurumi

Learn how to crochet adorable amigurumi in the lovable style of Khuc Cay!

  • 15 cuddly projects including Anne the Bee, Felipe the Fox, Griffin the Giraffe, Heina the Mushroom, Keiko the Crocodile, Sakura the Mermaid, Sunny the Lanternfish, and more
  • Detailed additions including hats, suspenders, scarves, a cape and mask to create a superhero, glasses, booties, and more to jazz up your amigurumi creations
  • Beginner-friendly explanations for basic techniques, material recommendations including yarn, embroidery stitches, and other embellishments
  • Getting started advice, including crocheting a magic ring, modifying the size, connecting elements, tucking in the wires, and more

Author Khuc Cay sets the standard for amigurumi! With perfect designs, colors, and details, her book combines favorite familiar animals and adorable magical creatures for a winning collection.

Khuc has developed a lovable crochet style filled with personality and super cute details. Rather than just make plain amigurumi toys, she teaches you how to add accessories to amigurumi such as suspenders, hats, booties, glasses, a mask, a cape, and more! Amigurumi toys like these are expensive to buy, so making them yourself isn't just fun, it saves money!

Inside this book, the beginning chapters explain techniques and materials needed to get started, which include but are not limited to crocheting a magic ring, modifying the size, connecting elements, and tucking in the wires. Then Khuc presents her projects — a bee, giraffe, mushroom, crocodile, cat, boar, ladybug, and more — which each have a touch of realism and a touch of magical imagination. The projects are all soft and loveable with a bit of whimsy, with touches of embroidery, and even a bit of blush!

Get started creating your own amigurumi with unique embellishments and delightful personalities, with Wonderful World of Amigurumi!