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Funny Amigurumi

Crochet with 16 amigurumi animal patterns and their accessories!

Break into crochet with amigurumi, the Japanese craft of crocheting small stuffed toys! Beginners and crochet enthusiasts alike will delight in choosing from 16 quirky creatures to create, including a dapper tiger, a masked fox, an adorable hedgehog, and more. Quick and satisfying to make, these 4.5"-tall creatures can be made in a few hours or over the course of a day or weekend. They are also conveniently portable for creating on the go.

Projects include:

  • Ms. Mini Bunny and Carrot
  • Mr. Mini Bug and Aphid
  • Mr. Mini Tiger and Bowtie
  • Mr. Mini Fox and Mask
  • Ms. Mini Chicken and Cape
  • Ms. Dragon and Surfboard
  • Mr. Unicorn and Cloud
  • Ms. Mini Owl and Witch Hat
  • Ms. Reindeer and Scarf
  • Ms. Mini Frog and Crown
  • Mr. Mini Hedgehog and Hairbrush
  • Ms. Donkey and Hat
  • Mr. Wolf and Broccoli
  • Ms. Penguin and Floatie
  • Mr. Mini Sheep and Fox Blankie
  • Mr. Squid and Book