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What can you make from felt? What *can't* you make from felt! Feltique shows you step by step how to master this versatile material. In one simple guide, you'll have everything at your fingertips to create charming projects using a variety of felting techniques. You'll learn:

  • that a little soap, hot water, and elbow grease is all it takes to master wet felting.
  • that needle felting is like sculpting with wool instead of clay!
  • that if you can knit or crochet it, you can create strong, durable wool fabric with the fulling technique.
  • that commercial felt is all grown up, available in sophisticated colors and blends that transcend those summer camp projects.

More than 45 unique projects offer quick and simple designs for beginners as well as fun and challenging endeavors for experts. You'll be able to felt to your heart's content, making everything from bauble earrings to baby rattles, hats to handbags. For all things felt and beautiful, you need Nikola Davidson and Brookelynn Morris's definitive guide in this beautiful hardcover book.